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The ACE Group is a leading investment and technology conglomerate looking back at more than one decade of growth and success.


Established since 2004, we were one of the first financial groups around to facilitate multi asset portfolio investment to investors all around the world via our different subsidiaries and investing arms. Via Ace Group, Investors can access opportunities in equities, bonds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFS). Since 2009, The ACE Group also provides investor with exposure to commodities based index in the Middle East and investments into Funds of Funds in the Hedge Fund Industry. In 2014, ACE Group expanded its equities exposure for its database of investors into the Chinese market via Hong Kong Stock Link Securities Limited, a subsidiary arm of The Ace Group.


In 2015, The ACE Group has extended its portfolio selection to investors by extending Fixed Returns Forex Options (FRFO) to its database of investors in Europe, Middle East and Asia.

The Ace’s Vision has always been to democratize investment and trading by giving investors access to financial markets, cutting-edge technologies and industry-leading expertise.

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